Phoong Law Corp

Web Project Goals

Phoong Law Corp weren’t focused on their website initially. They had a friend put together a basic WordPress website. As they began to grow they realized that there website wasn’t performing up the the level of their competition and were missing out on lead generation opportunities. They contacted Nelg Digital to help them build a website that truly represented the professional image they required to drive traffic and generate leads.

Our Approach

It was necessary to develop a website that could earn trust and exude credibility and professionalism.

Because the websites number 1 focus was to generate leads we placed a call to action form at the top of every page of the website. When someone completes the form they get an immediate auto response confirming their inquiry and following up.

In addition the the lead gen form we integrated a live chat feature with integration to Facebook messenger. We created a bot that could provide answers and automatically schedule meetings. The staff could also step in at any time.

To drive traffic we undertook an aggressive SEO and content marketing campaign creating high quality personal injury content. Many of the articles are ranking number 1 on google which continue to grow search traffic.


  • Responsive (Desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • WordPress Content Management Platform
  • Custom WordPress Design
  • Live Chat
  • SEO and Keyword Targeting
  • Search Focused Content Marketing

The Results

The ROI has been tremendous. Web traffic continues to increase and so do the request for consultations. With the search focused content creation we provide the website continues to build authority and traffic with search engines driving up the rankings. 


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